About this Blog

Welcome to the HCL 2.0 blog.  It was inspired by two recent conferences that members of the Communications and ITS teams attended—NEASIST Designing Usable Interfaces and Computers in Libraries 2007 Beyond Library 2.0: Building Communities, Connections, and Strategies

Our goal is to share what we learned and contribute to the growing dialog among HCL staff about ways to implement Web 2.0 technologies and philosophy to enhance the Library’s virtual presence. 

This blog is presented in a slightly unconventional way, in that under each category you will find our notes and then a series of questions they raised for us.  Feel free to answer the questions or raise other issues.  We look forward to your comments.

HCL Communications                              HCL ITS
Beth Brainard                                           Al Burns
Enrique Diaz                                             Karen Moore
Jen Tomase

2 Responses to “About this Blog”

  1. Laura Farwell Blake Says:

    Beth, Enrique, Jen, Al, and Karen – Thank you! This is a great idea and I hope it will offer us opportunities to talk across departments about issues we all discuss separately. There’s much here that reference librarians have been talking about and it’s very good to know we’re all in the dialog together.

  2. Jill Coelho Says:

    Thanks for opening this cornucopia and/or can of worms! The idea is a splendid one. The following comments are after a very brief glance at the blog, and after reading the meeting handout.

    My first suggestion is that you link to definitions of terms like “social bookmarking”, etc. By Googling, I found the definition (Educause has a good one, with examples. Now I have to go explore del.icio.us.) The entry for “mashup” does contain a definition, but links to other definitions and examples will make the blog even more interesting and useful. If you ever wonder which words the old folks don’t know, check with me.

    Other terms that I don’t know offhand, or wonder about: “social functionality”, Camtasia, Wink. I looked up the last two, which led me to wonder how they work, how one gets them downloaded (aka firewall issues), if they’re worth exploring, etc.

    Next suggestion: Have some links, somewhere, to HCL 2.0. How about on the HCL Intranet? If it’s already there, forgive me. I did search it, and couldn’t find it. Good thing there were handouts. That may be part of the reason there’s not a lot of action on the blog.

    Thanks again.