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Big Themes

Posted in Big Themes on May 4th, 2007


  • Web 2.0 offers content in a state of perpetual beta – DON’T obsess over web site being perfect
  • Web sites should evolve, be nimble, be open
  • OLD web sites are like malls, where we try to keep users inside; NEW 2.0 sites are like city parks that allow users in and out easily
  • People are not using their computers to hunt for information, they are using online tools to bring information to their computers – Computers are the Internet
  • Social functionality is expected
  • User testing is invaluable
  • If a web site needs to employ “user education” before it can be navigated, then it doesn’t work
  • Assume that Millennials begin their research on non-library, aka Google, site; can’t expect to “lead” users to resources
  • Library OPACS are broken in 3 ways: usability, findability, remixability
  • Access to library services/resourced should be ready at the users point of need
  • Staff education is an important part of building dynamic online resources
  • Resistance is futile – the web is unlocked


Are there other big themes we should be aware of as we map out HCL’s virtual presence?

What are the big themes for instructional services in realtion to online resources?