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Posted in Staff Education on May 4th, 2007


  • Web 2.0 technology takes much of the difficulty out of creating online resources allowing staff without traditional web skills to work online
  • Before staff can fully utilize Web 2.0 tools, they need to understand what they are, how they work, and how they might be used
  • Staff education is an important part of building dynamic online resources
  • Training needs to be comprehensive and offered in a way that allows as many staff access to the information as possible
  • Ideal if a program allows individuals to work at their own pace
  • SEE presentation Five Weeks to a Social Library – online tutorial plan


Would you be interested in learning more about developing web technologies?

Would you participate in the type of tutorial described in the presenation?

Should there be some sort of of ongoing program in HCL to help staff learn about new technologies and how to employ them? If so, how might the program be structured?