First Workshop “Benefits and Resources at Harvard for Families with Children with Special Needs”

Helping Children with Special Needs Together and the Office of Work / Life Resources at Harvard University are pleased to invite everyone interested to a workshop titled: “Benefits and Resources at Harvard for Families with Children with Special Needs.”

The workshop will be held on April 15, 2009 at 12:00 (till 1:30) at the Center for Workplace Development at 124 Mt. Auburn Street, third floor.

The presenters will be:
— Christina Fluet, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Consortium for Children with Special Health Care Needs and former Project Director at the Center for Child and Adolescent Health Policy at the Massachusetts General Hospital;
— Timothy Carey, Benefits Analyst in the Office of Human Resources at Harvard University; and
— Beth Faria, Work/Life Analyst in the Office of Work Life Resources at Harvard University.

The workshop will present an overview of benefits and resources at Harvard that are available to families with children with special needs. The overview will include a refresher on reviewing health plans, workplace policies including time off and flexible work schedules, various scholarship programs available through the Office of Work / Life and unions, and other resources.

We hope that everyone who is interested in the topic will attend. If you cannot come for any reason, please note that more information about the workshop will be posted to the blog.

The registration is now open through PeopleSoft. To register:
– log into PeopleSoft
– go to “Self Service”
– go to “Learning and Development”
– go to “Request Training Enrollment”
– go to “Search by location”
– click on the magnifying glass next to the box for “category”
– click on “WLF” for “Work/Life Family”
– click on “search”
– click on “124 Mt. Auburn Street”
– click on “001” of the first workshop listed “WLF206 Harvard Benefits: Special Needs”
– click on “continue” on the information page that opens
– click “submit”

2 Responses to “First Workshop “Benefits and Resources at Harvard for Families with Children with Special Needs””

  1. Look forward to the workshop. Are there any particular benefit catering to families with special need children? If the purpose of the workshop is to explain some generic benefit, it actually won’t be that useful as we all know what these benefits are.

  2. I found the workshop quite helpful–not just for what the benefits department and Ms. Fluet had to offer in terms of information and resources. It was uplifting to see parents going through the same challenges as I do with “navigating the system.” I am really excited about the opportunity to participate in an ongoing parent support network. Knowledge is power–but not if it lives in a vaccuum! A special thanks to Jolanta Davis for offering to start the group.