Notes from June 16, 2009 meeting

At the June 16, 2009 networking group meeting we hosted Sandra Clancy, family care advocate and manager (and founder) of the Coordinated Care Clinic at the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children, and Shellie Léger, MSW, the pediatric social worker at the Clinic. The meeting was attended by seven group members. More people were planning to […]

Discussion Forum launched

One of the members with an IT background has created a forum for the group’s members. To sign up, please go to:…. Because the group is open only to Harvard affiliates, you do need to sign up with a valid Harvard address. Your “membership” must be approved by a moderator and we might ask why […]

June 2009 Networking Meeting (Workshop)

Sandra Clancy, family advisor, and Shellie Legere, Pediatric Social Worker, will talk briefly about the Massachusetts General Hospital for Children Coordinated Care Clinic and the concept of “medical home”, but will spend most of the hour answering parents’ questions and giving tips on where to look for resources about your child’s condition, how to coordinate […]

Notes from May 20, 2009 meeting

The first “networking / social” meeting of the HCSNT group on May 20, 2009 was attended by about a dozen parents (I don’t think everyone signed the attendance sheet). There were a couple of new people who heard about the group through word of mouth, so our numbers are slowly growing! The age range of […]