Harvard’s Office of Work / Life centers

As the workshop on April 15, 2009 pointed out — the most important resource is Harvard’s Office of Work / Life Resources. (see the entry “Notes from April 15, 2009 workshop on benefits“)

For more information about the Office of Work / Life in Cambridge see the “public” page http://www.employment.harvard.edu/benefits/worklife/ or if you are a Harvard affiliate and have a Harvard ID, you can see the Office’s information on Harvie http://harvie.harvard.edu/Work_Life_Balance/.

For information about the Office of Work and Family in the Medical Area visit: http://hr.hms.harvard.edu/workandfamily/default.htm.

The Harvard School of Public Health also has a Work/Life unit — see http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/administrative-offices/human-resources/worklife/ and http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/women-in-science/worklife-resources/.

Do not be afraid to give them a call! They really are very friendly and helpful!

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