SPED Child and Teen Listing Disability Services and Events in Greater Massachusetts


From the “About” section of the web site:

This website was developed after our family’s search for programs and services to help our now 14-year old Aspergers son.

For years we searched, scoured and called for services and respite, often to no avail. Occasionally we would happen upon another parent who had experienced the same pain. And they would share a resource and a name. Or we would be lucky enough to find out about a listserv, a support group, an aide looking for extra work or stumble upon a helpful website. And all those resources had more resources.

But I wanted to find one place to view upcoming events and opportunities from many of the region’s organizations.  So I decided to create one for parents.

And it is all about the parents. That is the mantra I repeat every day, on the phone, at parent events, and during the meet and greet sessions at the various disability fairs that I attend.

I say this because, as we all know, without the parents advocating, pushing and fighting for services, then nothing happens.

So whether you are a parent, teacher or support professional, if you know of an inexpensive disability event open to the general public, send it here and we will do our best to post the information. It’s one of the best ways to spread the word.

Sharon Marie

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