two more 130/30 strategies

We need to focus on global rather than local. As Griff Williams, strategist at Pioneer Investments, says, “investors want access to an ever-widening investment opportunity set.” Also in his article, he address the success of 130/30, which I will summarize as follows:


  • f: fundamental research
  • q:quantitative research
  • a:active portfolio management

[citation: Griff Williams, “Enhancing the Trend In Global Equity investing,” FTMandate Magazine. June 2007.]



In addition, Rick Roberts, a First Quadrant partner, gives a different equation of the success of 130/30 fund. He says “the combination of a sound philosophy, trusted brand, history of thought leadership, skill in managing a broad array of equity strategies, and a roster of long tenured clients is my mind a winning combination.” [citation; Conversation. “Making 130/30 More than a Numbers Game” FTMandate Magazine. June 2007.]

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