Emerging Market Investing

BRIC is the center of the emerging market due to their size, their return, and their growth margin.

People usually will get higher return than average.

BRIC means Brazi, Russia, India, and China.

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  1. Overland Park Real Estate

    April 27, 2008 @ 11:44 pm


    While BRIC still has excellent opportunities for higher returns, they have also seen signifigant returns over the past few years. With the run of the BRIC countries, it is now time for investors to start looking at Frontier Markets for higher returns over the long term. Frontier Markets are countries with emerging economies that are not as developed as the BRIC countries. They are less regulated, sometimes in hostile parts of the world, and can be even more volatile then BRIC. Despite those downfalls, the reward could very well outweigh the risk. Some countries considered frontier markets are:

    Ukraine, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Ghana, Nigeria, Ecuador, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, Kenya, Nigeria, Qatar, Peru, Mongolia, Mauritius, Bahrain, Tunisia, Croatia and Slovenia to name a few.

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