You Talk, Herdict Listens!

Hey Herdict users – you talked, and Herdict listened! Starting today with our new release, we will offer an array of changes that will make your Herdict experience more enjoyable:

-Dead sites will now be excluded from our Explore list and from the Herdict Reporter, making it easier for you to determine if a site is, in fact, inaccessible.

-Herdict’s list of “sites we’re watching,” as seen on the front page of will be added to the Herdict Reporter queue – this will help you report important sites to us.  And as always, if you have a suggestion for a site we should be watching (or anything else!), drop us an e-mail at contact[at]herdict[dot]org.

    Like the new Herdict additions?  Have anything you’d like us to add?  Drop us a line and let us know!

    About the Author: Jillian York

    Jillian C. York is the Project Coordinator for the OpenNet Initiative and the part of the Herdict team that you should contact if you have any questions about other-language instances of the site or international press. She created most of the textual content on the site, so if you spot something funny, let her know! She's also the face behind the @Herdict Twitter feed.

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