Hack4Transparency at European Parliament this November!

Google is sponsoring a hackathon event, Hack4Transparency, this November from the 8th to the 9th in Brussels, Belgium. The event will bring hackers, industry representatives, and legislators together to “help build bridges between code and law”.  Of particular importance to Herdict, the hackathon will encourage developers to create network tools for transparency and accountability. This is an exciting opportunity for interested netizens and developers, particularly those in Europe, to get involved in helping to shape the future of online transparency.  Applications are due on Monday, October 17, and we strongly encourage members of the Herd to apply.  We’re especially excited to see what cool things people might do with Herdict data.

For more info on the event, applications, and prizes for winning teams, check out the event website, Twitter, or Facebook.

Happy hacking!

-The Herdict Team

PS: We’re planning on attending the hackathon as well, so if you see us, come say hi!

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