Russian government latest to propose state-sponsored social network

The Russian government plans to launch a Facebook-esque social network on which users can use their personal accounts to upload content and create groups.  While this decision would make Russia one of a number of countries launching state-sponsored social media platforms, it remains unclear whether such a site could rival widely available popular alternatives in […]

US responds to China’s heightened censorship

China restricted access to US news agency Bloomberg this past week.  According to Bloomberg spokesperson Ty Trippet this is in reaction to a recent article divulging the familial wealth of Xi Jinping, the man expected to be the next Chinese president.  The article, which ran June 29, explains the extreme wealth of the Xi family, […]

China plans broader changes to Internet regulations

Weeks after major Chinese microblogs announced changes to their user contract to better regulate incoming content, and just days after Google announced it would alert gmail users of any potential state-sponsored intrusion of their accounts, China has proposed to further bolster the guidelines and purview of their national Internet policy. According to the Wall Street […]

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