Egypt arrests yet another Facebook user for blasphemy

On July 30, Bishoy Kamel was arrested in Egypt for sharing cartoons on Facebook that allegedly defamed the Islamic faith and the Prophet Muhammad.  The 32 year-old Coptic Christian teacher from Sohag Province could face up to 5 years in prison.  Egyptian citizen Mohamed Safwat pressed the charges, claiming that Kamel also insulted President Mohamed […]

Russian government latest to propose state-sponsored social network

The Russian government plans to launch a Facebook-esque social network on which users can use their personal accounts to upload content and create groups.  While this decision would make Russia one of a number of countries launching state-sponsored social media platforms, it remains unclear whether such a site could rival widely available popular alternatives in […]

New Vietnamese Internet mandate may further curb freedom of speech

Article 19 reports that Vietnam is implementing a new Internet regulatory mandate that may significantly alter free speech in the country.  They explain that the decree “requires all online users to use their real names and personal details, which in turn will create an environment of self-censorship.”  In addition to requiring real identities, the law […]

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