Herdict at work in China, again

China is back in the spotlight here at Herdict again. Over the past day the number of Herdict visitors from China has quadrupled and overtaken visitors from the US. What’s driving this? Users are reporting to Herdict that Google, Gmail and YouTube are inaccessible. This morning a Bloomberg article, citing Herdict data, is reporting that […]

E tu, non provi Herdict? 허딕트 써보셨나요? Ianao ve mampiasa ny Herdict?

By now you know that we offer Herdict in English, Chinese, and Arabic and that we’re working on pulling other languages into the fold.  But did you know that, thanks to the work of our polyglot friends, you can learn about Herdict in Spanish, Korean, and several other languages – even Malagasy! Shep the Sheep, […]

Herdict Reports Show Twitter Blocked in China

A flurry of reports from China has reached Herdict in the past 24 hours, noting that popular microblogging site Twitter has been blocked across the country. Rebekah from The OpenNet Initiative (ONI) reported on the phenomenon this morning, explaining: In preparation for the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre on Thursday, China has blocked […]

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