Syria goes mostly offline as protests intensify

Crossposted from the OpenNet Initiative Renesys is reporting that as of 3:35 UTC (6:35 local time) on Friday, June 3, the majority of Syrian networks were disconnected from the global Internet. A graph shows the dramatic drop in reachable networks: Renesys documented a rapid decrease in the number of globally reachable Syrian networks on June […]

National Science Foundation Blocks Global Voices Advocacy

Last Wednesday, Berkman Senior Researcher Ethan Zuckerman reported that the National Science Foundation’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., had blocked the Global Voices Advocacy website. A friend of Zuckerman’s reported that he could not access an article published on GVA using a NSF computer. When GVA inquired NSF’s commercial filtering provider Blue Coat about the reason, […]

China Lifts Ban on LinkedIn

Earlier last week, major media sources reported that China blocked popular professional networking site LinkedIn in the country. Bloggers and sources from China report that the ban was quickly lifted after only a day. Herdict received one inaccessibility report concerning the site on February 27 from Henan province. Popular opinion suggests that the government shut […]

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