Five audio cassettes and one reel-to-reel tape from the Hollis Frampton Collection have recently been digitized.  Streaming access is available via the finding aid for those with Harvard IDs, and CD access copies are available for on-site listening, along with the rest of the Frampton archive, by contacting our research liaison.

Newly digitized content includes:

-sessions 1-3 of the Stan Brakhage Seminar

-Frampton’s 1972 lecture at Sarah Lawrence

-Frampton’s 1972 visit to Annette Michelson’s NYU seminar

-Frampton’s 1971 Antioch College discussion

Howard Burr stored his large film collection in whatever containers were handy. Film shipping boxes are not such an unusual choice, but what about trash cans?  Between each reel inside the trash cans, he put a piece of cardboard, cut from whatever was handy.  What follows is only a small percentage of the cardboard discs we found.

The films don’t seem to have suffered ill-effects from being stored with the cardboard, which probably absorbed some humidity before it could harm the film.