Film Lab bags!

As you all probably know, the HFA collects 35mm, 16mm, 8mm & super 8mm film material (just to name a few formats…) for approximately 30,000 titles, as well as many posters, documents and ephemera.  What you may not know is that among the film ephemera we collect are artifacts from an era that is quickly fading away, including cans, reels, projectors, and finally, the subject of this post, film lab bags!

Film labs regularly returned films to customers in bags with beautiful and stylish logo art. Here at the HFA Conservation Center we’ve been saving an example of every unique lab bag we come across for years now.  Finally this lovely collection is available digitally and represents a time range that encompasses both film and video lab work on at least 3 continents.

Follow the flickr link to have a look at the entire collection and admire the lovely design.  Contact us if you have a lab bag collection of your own!  Add information about the labs in the comments section if you like. We’ll keep updating this set as we come across new Film Lab Logos.

[PS: we don’t permanently store film in bags…and you shouldn’t either!]

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