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Our blog is expanding!

Top of a film bench with inspection equipment

Harvard Film Conservation Center inspection bench

Greetings friends and followers from the blog-o-sphere! Here at the Harvard Film Conservation Center we work closely with the dynamic collections from the Harvard Film Archive, as well as all film collections from the greater Harvard Library. In the interest of representing our diverse projects and preservation activities, we are expanding our blog and giving ourselves a new look (sound familiar?) We hope you will enjoy our newly expanded HARVARD FILM CONSERVATION blog: News from the Harvard Library’s Film Conservation Center!

Please continue to follow us to get the latest news on our conservation work, incoming collections, interesting finds, new finding aids, and local events! You can also check with us on Twitter @HLFilmPreserve

Thank you, dear readers and see you at the movies!


We have a new look!

Hello dear readers and welcome to our updated Harvard Film Archive Collections Blog!

We’ve changed the look and structure of this blog in the spirit of accessibility. Going forward, this blog will feature easier to read text and contrast, helpful alt text for our lovely images, and accessibility across platforms.

We hope that this change will provide better accessibility for all who wish to follow our work with the HFA film collections, special projects, musings on film history, and observations about the place of the archive in preserving the many aspects of media that surrounds us.

Thank you to the WordPress Accessibility team for providing the tools for this update, and thank YOU dear readers! We hope you continue to follow us in good health.

See you at the movies!