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A slideshow of vintage posters on Harvard Spectacle

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We have been having a ball making slideshows with Harvard Spectacle, a discovery tool developed and recently launched with help from Harvard University’s Library Lab program.


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Harvard Spectacle is an open source, web-based service that allows users to find and compile Harvard-owned images from Harvard Library and LibraryCloud, into an online slideshow. This is a great tool for exploring and discovering the many online images from Harvard’s collections, including images from the Harvard Film Archive and Film Conservation Center!

Spectacle’s unique design gives you the option to link to descriptive metadata for each item, creating a complete record for sharing and recording related information. Other features include links to add public-domain images from Flickr, audio from SoundCloud, and animated GIFs from Giphy, for a truly customized presentation. Social share buttons at the top of each page make it easy to embed slideshows to your Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts.

Best of all: ANYONE can register to use Harvard Spectacle!

Visit the Harvard Spectacle website to create a profile and get started. While you’re there, explore the slideshows compiled by Harvard librarians and archivists that showcase some pretty spectacular collection materials (sorry – we couldn’t help ourselves!) and check out the Film Conservation Center’s slideshow of vintage film posters.

Harvard Spectacle may be here only for a limited time, but the more users the better! Create a profile today and help boost this project to a featured slot on the Library Lab website.