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  1. Lisa Brem says:

    I have talked to several professors who would like to adopt the problem solving methodology for their university. However, many are worried about the resources required for such a course. For those of you considering adopting or already have adopted a problem solving course, how have you approached finding the resources (funding, teaching assistant time, etc) to do so?

  2. Lisa Brem says:

    In my travels lately I’ve heard some sentiments expressed that negotiation should be a required course in law schools. What is your opinion? Is negotiation a required skill for lawyers? Should all law students be exposed to some level of negotiation training? And if so, what would be appropriate … a short workshop or seminar or a full semester course?

  3. mariao says:

    I’m agree with you

  4. Dmitry says:

    I’m sure that negotiation should be a part of the program for lawyers. A close friend of mine is a layer and she says she wished it to be included in her law school. Actually I think it would be a precious course for most of schools, too many people around lack this important skill.

  5. Ruben says:

    I’m totally agree with you.

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  7. zakwan says:

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  8. Sabnam says:

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  9. Sudesh says:

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