Why we judge?

Well and well what is writing and juding . Why when I write essay and give to much teach she give me back with a lot of red pin marks my papers. Why people judge one because of his/her writing and speaking ability. I think this is not really good. Not “cool”

We should try to inspect people mind and thinking instead of applying few rule and star saying this is “good” this is “bad” and this is “nice”. By the way I heard, in really 19th century the meaning of “nice” was very bad and stupid.

Speaking grammar and rule. What is grammar? Why is important? If it change time to time and have lots of consumption why we need it. For example, I did not study grammar that much in school but I stile communicating my message. What I mean yesterday I email boston at 6:00pm. My friend came on time. Even though I was not using any grammar “proper noun”

Over all what I am trying to say is lets stop judging one other because we are not doing this and that or because he is not educated. Actually I think every one have a gift and quality where no one of as have so we should respect each other and live in peace in this world instead of judge and blaming each other. Crazy

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