Ways to Connect to the Internet

I am interested learning about Internet connection. So I was doing some reach about ways of connecting to Internet. As I get time, I will span the information for know let me share with you what I write down.

Here are the chose for connecting to Internet.

Wired Broadband
Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL)
Lased Lines(T1)
Broadband over Powerline (BPL)
Fiber optic cable

Wireless Broadband
Fixed wireless

Wired broadband connection. What kind of wire did they use to connect as by the wire?

1. Telephone line
2. Cable line (television cable line)
3. Electricity line

A. The advantage and Disadvantages connecting by TELEPHONE LINE

Telephone lines are the oldest communications infrastructures. This telephone line can connect people to Internet indifferent service-Dial-Up, DSL.
The different between Dial-Up and DSL: Speed: Dial-up downstream 56 kilobytes per second while DSL downstream 768 kilobytes to 1500 kilobytes pre second. Which mean DSL is 20 or more time faster than Dial-Up.

Advantages connecting trough Telephone Line: work with existing wiring. That mean you do not have to buy more wire. But don’t put me wrong, you have to buy modem that you going to plugged into existing phone jack.

Disadvantages connecting trough Telephone Line: If the center of DSL service provider is further than 18,000 the connection is not going to work.

B. Cable line (television cable line) This line traditionally bring as television program. According to National Cable and Telecommunications Association. 99% of United Stets house have cable line.

Advantages: The only people how are going to connect to this cable are the customer how already have television cable.
Disadvantages: Most rural communities did not have cable connection, the speed to the connection might change depend in the time of the day. For example in the morning and after work hour the download speed might be slow.

Fiber cable. Coming soon——–


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