Time management Hassle

Time management. What is time management? Why do I want to manage my time? For the past months or so I was talking about time management with my friends here is what I understand about time managements. If some body read this blog. I will love to hear form you how you manage your time and why time management is important.

Before I go head and talk about time management I would like to talk about some history. I understand things in history than rule or law. Ok what is time management and where do I see people talking about time management? I see people celebrate time all the time. The good example is birthday. I hear people saying I am 18 years old an adult, I am 21 year old I can drink a cola in the bar, I am 45 I will not have a baby, I am 65 I can retired. I hear about all this almost every day at work or on the news.

My question is two people born the some day. One sleep 8 hours other sleep 4 hours how is older? Is the person sleep 8 hours or 4 hours? I think the person sleep 4 hour is older. Since he interact more in the world. Any way why do I want to manage my time? This is the first question I asked myself? Then I write down the note bellow.

Read more book
Write more
Travel more
Talk a walk more
Meet people more

I have write more lists in my notebook but for now late me talk one this.

Here are two kinds of book audio and paper. That mean I can read book when I take a walk or travel with my Ipod.

Some tip about book.
You can find new paper book or audio book on library for free. If you have a problem how to choosing a good book the librarian can help you. Also you can go to www.amazon.com then see the most popular and sold book then borrow that book for library. (I am sour the most sold book for Amazon is good since people will not buy bad book.) After all why you care the book you borrow for library is free. The good news about library now days, you can use internet ask the library to hold a book for you. the library will email you to tale you that the book is on hold. Not only that the library database will show you how many book on the library including the shelf number where the book located. Most audio books are free for download online. Talking about time management you save more time and money by using library. Book writer do not hate me because I am cutting your business.

What is writing? Writing can be writing shopping list, writing to my governor, writing to my friends Email, writing to schoolwork, writing blog and etc.

I head they are a lot of way to improve writing by joining writing club on line and writing blog all the time. I will love to hear from my reader how to improve writing.

Travel, can be by foot, bus , train, and airplane.
Take a walk. Can be to go to work, even if my work place is very fare I can take a bus and get off few minute before my work place and take a walk.

Meet people. There are a lot of place to meet people. Coffee shops, churches, libraries, bars, and online are the good place to meet people I know for now.

Finally, cone you divide every thing you want in to small part and detail. Every morning for 5 minute vote what you want to do for hart. Thank work all day to accomplish that goal. Night before sleep see what you accomplish or not accomplish and be happy.

Note: There is a lot of ways to speed. For example there are a system how to read book faster “800 pages book only in 2 hours. “

Listen to audio book on the train, or bus.

Do glossary one your way form work.

There are a lot of way to manage time. The one thing you have to ask yourself is why do I want to mange my time. Once you understand what you want to do accomplishing is easy.

Let me know what you think about this? Give me some advice.

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