What is that mean having Oil?

I asked my friend Ethan Zuckerman to explain for me about a founding of new oil field in Ghana weather if it is good or bad. Although he was happy to explain the questions, he was also encouraged me to write my thinking in my blog. I am so glad to answer this question by using my common sense and judgmental mind.

I think having oil filed in the country like Ghana is great. As the Ghana president put it “”Oil is money, and we need money to do the schools, the roads, the hospitals.” I naturally see things in to two part’s good and bad. So I will go head and talked about these two benefits.

Why I think is bad Gahanna might start to think they only way to make money is by selling oil. They also might think they will become reach in few years. If they did not see that changes- they might start to rabble against the government. That is my worry.

Second, I also think if the government did not handle the money probably it might be some conflict between the state/village and town. How will get the fist construction: the roads, the hospitals etc. I think this kind of problems is happing in Nigeria and Sudan.

Third, which out said country will benefit from this oil: United State, United Kingdom or China. So figuring out this and that and make the right discussion might be hard. God help them.

Fourth, what about if people start to think they are reach and did not want to work. Not only that but they need a support from the government.

Fifth, what about if the Ghana government focuses in military constriction instead of economy.

Finally my wish and hope, Ghanaian will use their founding wisely and advantageously to help the children to become educated and independent. I see the bad and good. I hope the good will win. Thank you very much Ethan for your question so that I can take out what is in my mind to the world.


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    December 30, 2007 @ 9:14 am


    Henok offers his thoughts on the issue as well

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