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Internet in Kenya


Yesterday I was reading BBC and I found out that blogs”Internet” is helping Kenyan peoples to lean about their member of parliament. According to the new the website called “mazalendo” “Eye on Kenyan Parliament” reporting every day what is going on in the Kenyan parliament to the public.
This is really great and I am so happy to the founder of the website. This is what I am taking about Internet can help to solve many problems we have in this world. I am sour Internet also have bad impact in our world. But that is life. There is good, there is bad, there is work, there is vacation, there is sleep, there is weaking up and there is life, there is death. so we can not have two good things in life.

Since I know Kenyan–they love politics this website is good to boom. People for the capital city Nairobi will probably call this family how live in remote place and will tell them about thier MP. That will help the country in many ways.

Time is coming were no one is going to hide in close door. We are looking it seeing it and toughing it. Every thing going on in the world— the better yet to come.

What is Grammar?


In this blogs. I would like to talk about soccer and writing. I play soccer since I was a child. But since I came to US I had not play soccer instead I am learning how to read and write. Late me talk about writing now. The most interested and creative art in human history. I think with out writing will not reach were we are now. Moon, computer.

How in the planet writing and soccer are the same? Yes I started to understand writing and soccer are the some. You play soccer to win, be happy, express oneself, spend time and meet people or so on. In other hand you write to win aggrement, support idea, pass once information, spend free time, be happy, tale history or so on.

Soccer has rule. Writting has grammar.

What is “grammar”? Is it every important? I think this is every hard question to answer. But in small knowlage I have I will try to talk about it. because it is every important.

I think grammar is not that important? Since no one master it. Not only that but I can also make up my own grammar and convince people it is right. The good example will be: This glass is half-full or this glass is full-half. To the some idea but different structures.

Red is a color. But in soccer if one get red card will be out of game? Why red make one out the game? i think read is color? In other hand people give red follower for Valantine Day. The some color but different use. That mean any one can create his/her on grammar. That is why rap, hip hop come.

One why to other writing is very complicated and abstract even the preson how write it did not have a control on it. since every one read it truanlated in his or here way of understanding. Every thing is game. just G A M E. like that.

How exceed writtign or Video Graphics


Yesterday after work, I went to meet my writing tutor. We talked about English grammar and writing processes. I was so surprise to learn how the English language so complicated and abstract. Thus, many people hat writing. I was one of the people how hat writing. Because, I worry too much about my audience “reader” What are they going to say when they see my grammar? What are they going to think about my spelling? What are people going to think about my sentence stricture? And so on. I think this step is wrong. The beast writing method is to put out the information freely and happy with out worrying about grammar law and regulation. Life is short.

I think and worry where we are going in this booming Internet communication. People are stopping writing. Instead they are using different way of communication such as. Video, audio, chat, and mobile phone that allowed people to hide and shell themselves from facing writing head to head. Hey I am a not agent this communication system but I just think about this problems and I want to share with you blogrs. I love to hear you respond. Did you think video and game would exceed writing?



Today I was waking from home to work. It was snowing morning. The ground was cover with snow and look as it was cover with white blanket. As I walk, I stop and try to hold the snow in my hand. It was cold, soft and fresh. It mad me happy and enjoy. It was an usual because I did not like the cold or the snow.

What I learned today. If I see things like fun and play with them like game they will make my life easy and better.

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