Students travel to Washington to present plan to close Guantanamo

A team of negotiators presented a plan to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, a goal President Obama outlined at the beginning of his presidency. But just as the president has faced opposition, so too did the members of this team. When one of them recommended that the president threaten a veto of a defense appropriation bill, someone in the audience interrupted, questioning how the public would respond to such an action. When another member of the team suggested enlisting a military figure to publicly back the president on the issue, an audience member again jumped in, asking whether a general would take a stand on such a controversial political position. The discussion continued, with different negotiators defending their ideas, trying to shape a path for agreement in the face of seemingly intractable gridlock.

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[L-R] Laura Maher, Grant Strother, Clinical Professor Robert Bordone, Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich, Michael Nieto, and Sarah Fort. (Team member Jonathan Pride not pictured)