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{ Monthly Archives } August 2003

A little discussion on where Extensions go in Mac OS X

“Daring Fireball” has a great discussion on the relations of the following: /System/Library /Library ~/Library If you’re not a Mac User it probably won’t interest you. However, if you’re the type that is always curious about what is happening under the hood this is a good place to start poking into more on OS X […]

Scenes from CT

Did a roadtrip to CT today to get some various odds and ends done. Here are some pictures that capture some moments of the trip: The first thing I saw was something that I find utterly repulsive…. a Hummer Limo. Talk about the worst of both worlds. Here are some pics from a bout of […]

Mainichi Goofiness

Seems that “Mainichi” which is a Japanese paper has some stories that are definitely a little different. This one shows one female politician mom getting into a real political brawl. This other story has an amusing story on a former porno star watching her past get re-issued against her will. Have no idea about the […]

iPix 360 Cam

VRlog has a link to a Popular Mechanics online article on a new immersive video camera. Looks very neat. Also looks far out of my price range…. ah well.

Legally you’re okay but you’re not really okay

I just read GNU’s statement on the Apple Public Source License. The summary of the write up goes like this: Legally it complies, but we still think it sucks. Ummm yeah… clear as mud. So much for making things simple to understand. Personally, I love Open Source software however arm twisting organizations or people into […]

Two coins to Tech Support

“Slashdot” has some coverage on two sides of Tech Support. One of them sounds very business-y and about the general dynamics of the whole tech support industry. You can find that here. There is also a rebuttal from a former tech support person here.. Both articles make for an interesting contrast with one another. However, […]

New Paul Graham article up

Wahoo! A new Paul Graham article is up on-line. Paul Graham is a local in town LISP hacker. His articles he writes are a great read on ideas about hackers and software development. One of these days I’ll get better at LISP. His latest hacking attempts have been focusing on fighting spam as well as […]

What a way to protest Starbucks

Another “JWZ” link. Seems people are posting up fake closing signs on Starbucks. The San Fran Gate has more info.

Premature Obituaries

Jeremy Zawodny proclaims PageRank is dead. For those that don’t know. PageRank is the base algorithm that google bases its rankings on. In an algorithms class that I took we covered the original algorithm of PageRank which I thought was really cool. The idea is very neat but does use some heavy lineaer algebra and […]

Losing the Alma Mater

Ha… my alma mater considers me lost.

Now this is cool!

Kudos to BoingBoing for finding this one. A hand crank for your GameBoy Advance. That is so awesome. I’m a big fan of finding alternative cleaner resources for powering portable devices. Make the gameboy-toting generation realize the amount of energy needed to power these devices by making them turn the crank!

CSS Abuse

CSS is very cool. I’ve learned a lot this summer about it. However this link takes the cake. Randomly generated CSS styles. That is evil. That sounds….. fun actually… hmmm.

“Not our Problem”

Wonderful. This link gives an explanation of why Disney doesn’t consider the overred tinting on the Japanese produced DVDs a problem. For folks who have no idea what I’m talking about. Check the archives at for more information on this. It should be under the March 2003 news. For those too lazy to do […]

Kubrick Reloaded

Got this one from Yukihime. The Kubrick reloaded. Just what I need for my lego collection.

Boston Common Blog

Just stumbled across this blog in the town I currently call home. THe pics are really neat. This one had me chuckling for quite a while (Also a good reason why the natives don’t visit Quincy Market that much):