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Disillusionment with Offshore Outsourcing from the offshore side (already??)

The Register has a story about the IT offshore industry folks in India already getting disillusioned and burnt out with the amount of work they get dumped and that it’s already causing cracks in the system there.

In some ways I expected this to happen however this doesn’t mean offshore outsourcing is going to stop anytime soon. First off… the people that get burnt out from dealing witht he work in India. What are they going to do instead of working in a call center? What else is there to do there? I’m sure there is an economy in India but frankly I doubt there is THAT much that pays better right now for MOST of the folks stuck in the Call Center. There will be a select few who get lucky AND I’m sure that there will be some who just call it quits and live on what they have. But to the rest… they’re stuck. Hence, I consider this crack to be a mere crack.
I severely doubt this will cause the collapse of the industry. And anyways if the trained folk there become too spoiled the offshore outsourcing will just more elsewhere eventually. What I >AM


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