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You’ve been quiet, what the heck are you doing?

Yep, been not blogging for awhile I see. But I’m still here. I’ve just been focusing on other things besides my blog. When I get around to it I might post up what I’ve been up to all these weeks. In the meantime here’s some stuff I’ve been looking at on the web:

    The Debian Policy Manual. After ages I’m finally actually reading the high level policies of Debian. Actually, tis’ been helpful in understanding where the heck Debian sticks stuff and why they do it that way

Yes, I read a lot of various stuff since I like keeping track of many different aspects of the technological world (but in my opinion not enough). One of these days I’ll get sick of it and find something else to occupy my time but for now… guess not. Oh yeah that doesn’t even cover the books i’m reading and some of the other Real-Life stuff I’m up to but that’s for another time

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