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Catholic Church Outsourcing Clergy?

In one of the more odder news bits I’ve read… The New York Times
is reporting that due to a short supply of clergy in the United States the Roman
Catholic Church is outsourcing clergy to Indian priests.

American, as well as Canadian and European churches, are sending Mass intentions, or requests for services like those to remember deceased relatives and thanksgiving prayers, to clergy in India.

Hmmm, you know, becoming a priest might not be such a bad job from a job
stability point of view. Sure you got to be celibate and all that but for
many techie geeks that isn’t a big deal is it? And with the IT market
still not looking that great in the U.S. if you want job stability,
being a clergy member is a rather stable job. The only downsides are if
you screw up enough to get fired, you probably did enough bad stuff to
have your soul sent to hell.

Oh yeah, you also have to have some religion as well.

Read it yourself

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