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Need language sk1llz? Just hook me up to the power generator!

Nature is reporting a study where a researcher is putting a very small
volt across a certain part of the brain and measuring the ability of
people to recall a series of words. It seems it does help them with
their language skills but call me skeptical. I’m sure all the
futurists will be dreaming up of future inventions where you can just
put something next to your head and *zap* You’ve Got Hindi.

Perhaps, but the study needs at least 10-15 years of active watching to
see if there aren’t any nasty side effects like uh.. rewiring the brain
in a BAD direction or something like cancer. Just because they claim
it’s safe for short discharges now doesn’t mean repeated exposure over
a long period of time is safe. In the meantime, I’ll stick with the
tried and true method of learning a language. Perseverance and work.

Read it myself

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