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So much for PS2 Linux

I’ve always been interested in Linux for the PS2, especially since some
of the hardware on the PS2 had some interesting features from a graphics
standpoint. However, I just checked the
Playstation 2 Linux Website
and found this disappointing news.

US & Canada: The North American territory is now sold out of Linux for PlayStation 2.

Linux for PlayStation 2 final release 1.0 was sold as a DVD set only in Japan, for users who had already purchased the hardware with the Beta kit release in 2001. All final release 1.0 discs have been sold, and there are no plans for further sales in Japan

In other words, if you don’t have one, don’t even bother looking for one.
Ah well. Guess I’ll just wait for the PS3 and hope they have something
for tinkerers.

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