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Bruce Eckel takes another look at Ruby

Bruce Eckel of

Thinking in Java fame takes

a second

look at Ruby. This time he has far less harsh words than his

previous look at it (Note that the original post that Eckel made on

Ruby seems to be MIA on his website. I’m a little miffed at that…)

His second time around he seems a little more impressed but I have to agree

with some readers who pointed out that if he bothered to read the

Pickaxe book he would have found a good portion of these features in Ruby.

Although for a counterpoint, I’ve tried reading some comparisons of Python

and Ruby and most of them end up in a ‘mine is bigger’ argument rather than

try to really see what is different. Mr. Eckel has spent some time

summarizing the differences. The reason it’s easier to believe him is

because he is staunch follower of Python.

Read his

second look yourself

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