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Sony Walkman creator retires

And what does he have to say? (Well at least through the reporter filter)

Kihara has written in his books that it still boiled his blood to think that consumers have been forced to use the “inferior” VHS over Sony’s Betamax.

Sony has had a history of good engineering quality. However, lately they’ve gotten soft and in my opinion really started NOT getting it when it comes to engineering the next tool. Example, The Mylo.

Sony really needs to wake up and realize the world of electronics is a much larger place than the little playground they had to themselves for decades and start learning to play ALONG with others rather than create more messes that takes years to resolve.

As for ‘inferior’ VHS. Well, if Apple wasn’t stupid back in the 80s Microsoft wouldn’t exist. ’nuff said

Read it yourself via Slashdot

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