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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

PS3 Launch a mess in Japan?

Here’s something you probably won’t read in the local Japanese newspapers: This is the true face of the PlayStation 3 debut in Japan. Hardcore gamers are not here waiting in line overnight, buying a first-run PS3, and running home to play some good old next-gen gaming. Rather, opportunistic Japanese businessmen have the largest presence, hiring […]

Reviews on Practical Ocaml

Apress released a book titled Practical Ocaml and while I was excited about the book and read the interview with the author. However, after looking briefly through the comments on Lambda the Ultimate I might have to reconsider purchasing this book. Ehud comments: I haven’t seen the book yet, but it’s really sad if the […]

Photosynth, a new way of seeing relations in your photo collection

I just took a glance at photosynch and am really impressed with the applications of computer vision and image processing techniques to create a really unique application. The basic idea is to take a pile of photos that are related to each other somehow (imagine taking zillions of pictures of the Taj Mahal from tons […]

Jruby doesn’t support fork()

I noticed Charles Nutter (one of the JRuby developers) mentioning that the fork() method in JRuby will most not likely be supported: We would strongly prefer to avoid any implementation that requires fork, since we can’t really support fork in JRuby. While I can understand the difficulties in the Java VM giving lots of hell […]

THE Official 8800GTX Performance Comparison

This is awesome. I won’t ruin it for you by posting more than the link. Check it out

Chumby, an open hardware flash player

Lots of discussion on Chumby has been happening ( here, here, here and here). A couple of points on Chumby are: An open source hardware flash player Schematics completely open Runs Linux The hacker that wrote Hacking the Xbox is one of the leads behind this Lots of O’Reilly alpha geeks seem utterly into this […]

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