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Evil CEOs

Check out this Dilbert entry if you want to see an evil CEO. Sorry I can’t just link to the strip itself. That would constitute …. copyright infringement… fooey. But I’m sure you can click the link if you really want to see it.

An Open Letter to Atari, “Hey stop being so overbearing with Copy Protection”

I found this Open Letter to Atari an interesting protest to copy protection going too far? Excerpt: I just downloaded the 1.61 patch to Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark. When I attempted to play the game, I was met with an error having to do with CD Emulation software. It is true that I […]

Sheesh… talk about picky kids

A friend forwarded me this link: All I can say is… grow up.

The Irony behind Decent Blogging Tools

So far from what I’ve seen most of the free blogging tools are pretty weak. Most of them are built and designed to be exploited by the creator only. The creator then decided to make it free software since the thought is ‘hey it works for me, it might work for lots of other people’. […]

Why do phone and cable companies make it so hard to…

Why is that everyime I try looking on a phone or cable companies website for information for their brick & mortar stores I can’t find anything? It requires seaching and searching. Instead they’ve jumped on this notion of “Use the Online Services!!!” That’s great when things are workign as they planned. But how abuot when […]

Government Computer Security sucks?

The Washington Post has an article that roasts government’s Internet security. This is funny considering all the other stuff they are trying to ‘secure’. This line is hilarious: The Department of Homeland Security — the government’s lead agency on matters of Internet security — was one of seven agencies that received an F grade for […]

MIT uses offshore programmers for OCW

Philip Greenspun strikes again. He’s got another post on some of the workings behind MIT’s Open Courseware Initiative. Here’s an excerpt: Students began to wake up. A PowerPoint slide contained the magic word “Delhi”.� It turns out that most of the content editing and all of the programming work for OpenCourseWare was done in India, […]

People don’t clean up after themselves

Gee here’s a new perspective on the fact people don’t like cleaning up after themselves if given the chance to avoid it. Bob Maderious will never forget the lease he brokered for property advertised as “plug and play” – only to find that it wasn’t. His client had been thrilled that state-of-the-art wires and cables […]

Obfuscation by design

Ask Tog has an amusing anecdotal letter on bad security practices and preaches the same thing about security is a process and must be all encompassing and not just focus on one small part. But it is an interesting read just to review why you need to not think of just encryption or only part […]

D’oh Debian main servers broken into

Ouch. But at least they’re willing to admit when there’s a problem. When you get high profile it’s not that easy to admit wrongdoing. Some Debian Project machines have been compromised This is a very unfortunate incident to report about. Some Debian servers were found to have been compromised in the last 24 hours. The […]

Not really in it for the recycling bit

There’s an interesting article on how some company named Wallflower got started recycling LCDs from old laptops and adding some customizations and selling them as fancy picture viewers. However, once they got succesful they ditched the recycling of the older LCDs and went to more ‘traditional’ methods. Here’s an excerpt: Left with nice cashflow from […]

Job Search Dishonesty

Recently at an interview for a company I noticed that when they pulled out my resume and were using it as the standard template for what to ask me about. I noticed that all of my job titles were changed! They were interested in a UNIX Sys Admin type and it seems the recruiter I […]

Linux NFS Stupidity

There’s a story on Mac OS X Hints about people who NFS mount their home directories are having problems in Panther if they use a Linux NFS Server (must… control… stuck… up… snicker… argh… who am I kidding). Anyways there’s a link to the NFS Source code with a patch for fixing this problem in […]

You didn’t backup did you?

Oh crap. The Archive and Install option in Panther nuked all of the customizations I had put into the Apache CGI Directory! Worry worry worry… Oh yes… Fire up Terminal: cd / ls / Hmmm, hey I see /Previous Systems cd /Previous Systems/Previous System 1/Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables ls Dear sweet sweet day. It’s still there!!!!

A kitten goes for 1000 bucks in japan?

Dear gawd. How much is a cat worth??? How about go looking in the pound for all the unwanted kittens. They have those in Japan too I bet. Cripes, there’s cats all over the place where I live and I see quite a few that are too scruffy to be have a human home.