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Getting a ruby C extension to compile on Windows Part 2

In a previous post I mentioned how to get the Ruby C extension to compile under Windows using Visual Studio Express/Studio 2005. However, I left out an important part regarding manifests which have been part of the development process in VC++7 and above. Manifests are some XML representation of the bindings and and activation (whatever […]

Wirble: A ruby gem that gives tab-completion + syntax coloring to irb

Ruby Inside has a blog post on an add-on to irb that allows tab-completion and syntax coloring for irb. Way cool! The install instructions are simple as: Install Ruby Gems (You DO have this installed, right?) sudo gem install -y wirble Then add the following to $HOME/.irbrc require ‘rubygems’ require ‘wirble’ Wirble.init Wirble.colorize Then enjoy […]

Getting a Ruby C extension to compile on Windows

The Programming Ruby book is one of those must have references if you’re going to program Ruby. I still use it all the time when I’m looking up information on Ruby. One thing I’ve started playing with is getting a C extension to work with Ruby. Chapter 21 of Volume 2 of Programming Ruby gives […]

Getting Mercurial Win32 to use SSH and vim right

I’ve been playing with Mercurial a bit recently as I wanted to get the hang of a Distributed Source Code Management (DSCM) tool better. I’ll save my reasoning for choosing Mercurial for another time. Let’s get to the troubleshooting part. Mercurial provides a Windows version and some instructions on getting it running for basic cases […]

Making Rake create a gem as the default task Rufus

Yet another reason to like Open Source One thing I can say that I really enjoy about working with an Open Source project rather than commercial software is I can feel free to blog as many details as I want about getting something done in the hopes it helps me remember what I’ve done and […]

A far too brief history on Workflow engines

John posted some of his thoughts on an article titled A brief history of workflow. John Writes: Maybe workflow history lies more into the “here is my recipe to sharpen sticks” or “here is my recipe to start a fire” (process/activity) and “hey, you, why don’t you sharpen sticks while we hunt, so that it’ll […]

Helping openwferu follow the Ruby way

Hello (openwfe) World John Mettraux who is the project lead for OpenWFE has given me commit rights to his Ruby port of OpenWFE. I have to say I’m flattered by the trust in receiving commit rights considering: I have no experience with workflow systems I’m not exactly a Ruby expert First thing I did was […]

A nice brief summary on what Open Sourcing Java means

I found this blog post from Stephen O’ Grady an excellent summary on the latest news surrounding Sun open sourcing Java. It certainly saved a lot of time wading through Java Jargon just to find some real news.


Avi Bryant blogged about his first concrete steps towards getting Ruby running on top of a Smalltalk VM. He calls it Smalltalk.rb I’m pretty sure this is the lightestweight bootstrap there can be towards the goal of eventually getting Ruby running on a Smalltalk VM. No new parser needed: we use JRuby’s. No new compiler […]

Reviews on Practical Ocaml

Apress released a book titled Practical Ocaml and while I was excited about the book and read the interview with the author. However, after looking briefly through the comments on Lambda the Ultimate I might have to reconsider purchasing this book. Ehud comments: I haven’t seen the book yet, but it’s really sad if the […]

Jruby doesn’t support fork()

I noticed Charles Nutter (one of the JRuby developers) mentioning that the fork() method in JRuby will most not likely be supported: We would strongly prefer to avoid any implementation that requires fork, since we can’t really support fork in JRuby. While I can understand the difficulties in the Java VM giving lots of hell […]

Fixing ‘mkmf’ load error Ruby in Ubuntu

If you’re a Debian or Ubuntu user you’ll find that the Ruby standard distribution is split into lots of little packages so doing something like apt-get install ruby only gives you the ruby binary and a subset of the libraries for Ruby. You’ll need to add more packages if you want to utilize more of […]

Bruce Eckel takes another look at Ruby

Bruce Eckel of Thinking in Java fame takes a second look at Ruby. This time he has far less harsh words than his previous look at it (Note that the original post that Eckel made on Ruby seems to be MIA on his website. I’m a little miffed at that…) His second time around he […]

Windows-based Ruby install with Rubygems interfering with cygwin ruby?

I had a problem with a windows-based install of Ruby with RubyGems kept screwing up my cygwin-based installation of Ruby. Seems this is a ‘well-known’ problem in the Ruby community. The symptons look like this $ irb /usr/bin/ruby: no such file to load — ubygems (LoadError) Really annoying. To fix this unset the RUBYOPT environment […]

On my current online reading list

Right now looking over Version Control with Subversion. I’ve started using CVS for some of my file management lately however I’ve found it’s not always what I want. The main issue for me is versioning of directories. I find it annoying to have to issue 4-5 commands in CVS to tell it the directory has […]