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Some long term thoughts on using a Kohjinsha SA1F00V

Awhile back I bought a Kohjinsha SA1F00V to test it out as a lightweight Tablet PC. After a few months of usage, I can say that I’ve not been that impressed with the device but neither have I been so frustrated with the device that I felt the need to toss the thing out the […]

The Lively Kernel… or Morphic in a Web Browser

The main site says this about the Lively Kernel project The main goal of the Lively Kernel is to bring the same kind of simplicity, generality and flexibility to web programming that we have known in desktop programming for thirty years, but without the installation and upgrade hassles than conventional desktop applications have. Basically it […]

Templating languages, templating languages… and yet more of them

In the realm of web development, anytime you start using some software platform to deal with the tedium of writing web pages by hand, it’s quite often it leads to some sort of templating system to handle it. While nice in theory and can promise many things (Seperation of logic from presentation, blah blah blah) […]

A sad tale of technology dependence

I love technology misery stories for some reason. I guess working at a job where it is your job to expect things to break in weird ways does that to you… I guess we can reword that as I LOVE corner cases A sad tale of technology dependence I made sure nobody was ever going […]

Finally a gem release of ruby-opengl

Just wanted to let folks know that I’ve finally figured out how to get the build system in place for ruby-opengl to: Gemify itself Build native extensions during Gem installation using mkrf Which means (I hope) that there should be an easier way to get OpenGL working with Ruby. Currently it should support installing in […]

Reviews on the Nokia N800

Eugenia of OSNews writes a nice lengthy review on the Nokia N800. It has many improvements compared to its predecessor. Some things they got right: Good Battery life (10-15 hrs standby, 3-5 hours in actual usage) Faster processor Great Wi-Fi reception Some support for VoIP (GoogleTalk, Gizmo?) Future Skype Support Opera Web Browser version handles […]

Island off India claimed by Global warming?

At least the Independent seems to think so. While I don’t deny global warming it’d be nice if they had more information on how old these island have been above water…

Projector + Car + Tiger = cool

What happens when you combine a projector inside a car with an animated Tiger? You get some really cool effects on the road for one… Via Table of Malcontents

The birth of an island


The Free Software Foundation and Dogfood

Found this via LWN: By performing a simple Netcraft check, we can see the FSF servers running what GNU/Linux distro? Debian, of course! If the concept hasn’t violated your cortex just yet, I must remind you of this double standard of distribution selection. I spoke with Richard Stallman about this. He didn’t seem to be […]

Getting Mercurial Win32 to use SSH and vim right

I’ve been playing with Mercurial a bit recently as I wanted to get the hang of a Distributed Source Code Management (DSCM) tool better. I’ll save my reasoning for choosing Mercurial for another time. Let’s get to the troubleshooting part. Mercurial provides a Windows version and some instructions on getting it running for basic cases […]

Getting a remote instance of Firefox running with a local instance

I needed to access some web-based interface on a machine that was accessible only through an isolated network. Luckily, X11 display forwarding makes this a trivial job. However, Firefox isn’t giving me any love. Normally, you would try to do something below to start a X11 forwarded session via ssh between a machine named client1 […]

Ars’s Final score for the Wii Review confusing

I read through Ars’s review on the Wii and I find their final score (an 8 out of 10) a little hard to understand just like this poster: quote: Originally posted by bluewire: Great review! I’m still befuddled by how the Zune got a 7 and the Wii got an 8. What a headscratcher… Personally, […]

8-bit Era Flash Movie Amusements

These are hilarious! Flash Movies with elements from the 8-bit game era and others. Here are some I found neat. Madness Combat What is the Stick Matrix? 8 Bit D&D Mario & A Thousand Bullets (Make sure to check the Alternate Ending) Paper Wars Return of Ganondorf Madness Combat 2 Madness Combat 3

Diablo 2, the JavaScript Version!

From the d2jsp Website: d2jsp is an embedded implementation of a JavaScript engine for executing user program code (scripts) inside Diablo II. d2jsp can be used to make Diablo II do almost anything that can be done in the game by a human player All I can say is… wow. That’s goofy. Too bad I […]