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mod_rails aka passenger == nice && easy

I looked over mod_rails today and realized how nice and easy looking it was to install. The general install process is: 1. Install rubygems 2. Run gem install passenger 3. passenger-install-apache2-module 4. Follow the instructions and install any missing dependencies (it actually is smart enough to detect which ones you need before splatting itself into […]

Happy half-a-decade blog

Yeesh, I just looked at the date of my first post and it’s been a whole 5 years since I started blogging here. What have I learned? People who blog multiple times a day must either have some kick-ass tools to do it quickly or way too much time. I seem to have neither so […]

Can’t install anymore extensions in Firefox 3? Kill extensions.rdf

I’ve been trying out Firefox 3 and one strategy I do is to copy my Mozilla Firefox folder with me to whatever machine I go to so I don’t have to reinstall plugins, re-enter all my passwords, and configure everything about Firefox until I’m happy. However, it seems due to some reason or another I […]

The Rails Horde at RailsConf 2008

Egads… so… many… Rails… zombies

Unbound, a possible OSS competitor to BIND?

A quite from this article I pulled up from Planet Sysadmin Unbound was written by NLnet Labs, VeriSign, Nominet and Kirei. Unbound will support DNSSEC, a version of DNS that uses public-key cryptography to protect DNS results, from begriming. Unbound and BIND are the only open-source recursive DNS servers that support DNSSEC. Seems interesting. If […]

Animoto riding the EC2 wave

Animoto sounds like an interesting service. Take some photos (and videos?) and some music or choose some already available and they remix it into a music video automatically. Don’t like the mix? Hit retry. Cool stuff… Here’s a juicy quote from their blog post on Jeff Bozos talking about them: This is about 50 EC2 […]

Volcanic Eruption in Chile

Wow… thanks John

Yapc Asia 2008 Day 1 Notes

Okay first day at YAPC… Missed most of the opening speeches and Larry Wall’s Keynote.. d’oh. Then again trying to handle the incoming rush of attendees was quite the experience. I’d say jumbled is a good word for how we handled it but at least it got handled. It’s pretty hard handling the Japanese Incoming […]

YAPC Asia 2008 RejectConf Notes

I’m at YAPC Asia this year working as a volunteer. It’s interesting mingling with the Perl folk especially since I’m not a Perl person but am curious to know more about the Perl community. Anyways here are my scribbling notes that I’ve taken SoozyConf This is the nickname for Perl’s RejectConf Should bother to look […]

Programming languages for your WinCE device

I got this WinCE device that I’ve been trying to wrangle into a nice cozy environment to do useful things so the first thing I started looking at was the availability of development tools that I can use directly on the device. In general, I prefer Ruby however I’m not wedded to it since I’d […]

A Deploying Scala story, “It’s just another Java library”

From Artima’s Developer Buzz feed I picked up this story on someone managing to sell to management the use of Scala in a project. There is a little bit talk about performance and ease of deployment which could be good points depending on your environment… We also had an occasion to have 2,000 simultaneous (as […]

What the fork are you doing Pidgin devs?

After glancing at the Slashdot post on the forking of pidgin and wasting far too much time slogging through the ticket that caused a bit of strife, I’m pretty sure I will move away from Pidgin until the developers stop being dorks (highly unlikely since they seem to develop only for themselves). Quick quick summary […] design director, Khoi Vinh, answers some questions

I’m not much of a designer type person but I find Khoi’s answers to some of the questions posed regarding the information design of the NYTimes site interesting since it is a continual battle in trying to add more but use less to say more. Here’s a quick snippet: You can think of it as […]

One way to clean out a gazillion files in a directory without causing the server to hang on IO

Had a case where I had some rails app that was using files for its session store and had been running like that for months. While it was a careless (and dumb) thing to run it that way, we had to do something about it since it was eating up close to 85% of the […]

Testing as a discipline, finding the right people.. it’s not THAT easy

Been thinking about the role of testing in a software organization. Steve Rowe of M$ has a great blog post on finding the right people for the job. He breaks it down into 3 types of roles that are useful in a test team: Runtime testers Scripters Tester Developer Definitely a good read for understanding […]