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UNIX-ey stuff

“I switched from Linux because…”

James Duncan has a wonderful entry on Why I don’t run Linux anymore. I have to say I really understand what he’s talking about. Here’s a snippet: But damn…. It’s one thing to be able to reach down into the guts of the system when you want to, it’s another to have to do this […]

Linux NFS Stupidity

There’s a story on Mac OS X Hints about people who NFS mount their home directories are having problems in Panther if they use a Linux NFS Server (must… control… stuck… up… snicker… argh… who am I kidding). Anyways there’s a link to the NFS Source code with a patch for fixing this problem in […]

Linux Tablet PCs

mmm Tablet PC. Announcement right here Looks like it’s retailing for $1899. Wish the price would drop down a couple hundred now that Windoze isn’t on it. Perhaps waiting a little bit more to see if more people jump on it. I know one thing I’ve done some price comparison and a Tablet PC would […]

Clearing djbdns’s cache

I run djbdns as my DNS server rather than BIND. I’m sure if I learned enough on BIND I could administer it just as well safely however since I tend to like getting stuff like DNS configured then kick it in the corner and let it go I figure djbdns is more my style. And […]

Redhat Rant

Seems this rant shows how you can get bitten by RedHat then get crappy support from them. However… Is the person a paying support customer? If not you’re not entitled to that much I bet. And here’s my plug… if you’re going to run Linux… run Debian it’s free and in the many years I’ve […]

More Panther goodness

I’ve been getting acquainted with Panther’s new features. So far I find the UI snappier than Jaguar which is a good thing since I want my UI to wait for me and NOT the other way around. But here’s some very cool stuff: man sendmail SENDMAIL(1) SENDMAIL(1) NAME sendmail – Postfix to Sendmail compatibility interface […]

X11 Server startup Weirdness (and a fix) in Panther

For some reason, when I upgraded to Panther my Dock shortcut to the X11 Server busted. After fiddling around I noticed in the Consoloe that it was complaining about some unrecognized option when launching. I found X11 in the Applications directory and tried that but the same problem. After scritching my head for a bit […]

A small peak into how Knoppix works

Caught this on Dan Barlow’s Diary. I’ve been looking at Knoppix, and starting to learn enough about it to beat it into a shape I like. Knoppix is an ISO9660 image, which contains another, compressed, ISO filesystem. The inner filesystem is the root of the running system and contains about 2Gb of software. The outer […]

A shell script to manage system-wide services in OS X

This shell script will allow you to turn on or off the system-wide services for all applications. For each application, you can turn all of its services on or off. By disabling unused services, you will have a much less cluttered menu, and maybe faster login (is it faster?). All modifications to the info.plist files […]

Getting Japanese running on FreeBSD

Here’s an article on getting Japanese running on FreeBSD. I’m REALLY glad the author took the time to document what he did since I find the process frustrating too. It’s bad enough that the path to UNIX tends to be unfortunately a little obscure. Even worse is when you try to multilingualize it since to […]

Ars on GNOME

ArsTechnica goes in depth on GNOME. I’m not a big fan of GNOME myself however it’s good to see a good technical overview on the whole GNOME system. Read more about it

Some neat Perl tools

From decafbad (Hey I love the acronym. You can put that in hex (0XDE CA FB AD) here are some neat Perl utils: SVG Graph Tools cvs2rss

Mac and Linux eek their way into Federal OMB plans

Got this link via email. Seems the Office of Management and Budget deem Apple and Linux fit enough to add them into the reference models that the OMB uses. This could be a good thing for Apple and Linux.

OS X’s version of ldd

I’m used to using ldd to help list shared libraries for programs in UNIX-land. If you’re a UNIX Admin type person or a UNIX developer ldd is really valuable for trying to figure out what an executable file needs to run.Naturally I tried to use ldd on OS X and noticed this: (555) lddbash: ldd: […]

Debian Linux users are quite spread out

Found this pie chart at NetCraft: It was really educational for me to see the distribution of known sites running Debian Linux. In the U.S. it’s really tiny compared to everywhere else. I can only attribute that to RedHat and it’s strong ties with the commercial sector. While Redhat isn’t that bad I prefer Debian […]