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New on OASIS in July

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Lion tamer Clyde Beatty. MS Thr 675 (75)Finding aids for 18 newly cataloged collections, and a preliminary box list for one recent acquisition, have been added to the OASIS database this month, including photo albums of Virginia Woolf and images of circus and pantomime performers.

Processed by Michael W. Austin:

Hans Kasten Papers on Johann Georg Heinrich Tinius, 1780-1953 (MS Ger 149)
Processed by Emilie L. Hardman:

Mrs. Patrick Campbell Correspondence and Other Papers, 1901-1940 (MS Thr 372.1)
Processed by: Jennifer Lyons and Alison Drew Harris:

Virginia Woolf Monk’s House Photograph Album, MH-3 (MS Thr 560)
Processed by: Jennifer Lyons:

Virginia Woolf Monk’s House Photograph Album, MH-2 (MS Thr 559)

Clive Bell gives Mary Hutchinson a bouquet of flowers. MS Thr 559 (2)

Processed by Bonnie B. Salt:

George Brinton Beal Papers, Circus Collection, and Other Theatrical Collections, 1862-1969 (MS Thr 675)

Lion tamer Clyde Beatty. MS Thr 675 (75)

Elephants loaded off the Ringling Brothers Circus train. MS Thr 675 (209)

Paul Green Papers Concerning the Louisiana Cavalier, 1977-1979 (MS Thr 683)

Theatrical Portrait Photographs and Postcards, 1866-1878 (MS Thr 686)

L. & H. Nathan Costume Designs, undated (MS Thr 687)

Harry Angelo Scrapbooks, ca. 1855-1894 (MS Thr 688)

Boston Union of Associationists Records, 1846-1850 (MS Am 2730)

Boston Religious Union of Associationists Records, 1847-1851 (MS Am 2731)

Circus Collection, 1889-1998 (MS Thr 690)

Pantomime and Mime Collection, 1818-1960 (MS Thr 692)

Drury Lane Pantomimes. MS Thr 692 (3)

Circus Images, 1766-1939 (MS Thr 693)
Processed by Melanie Wisner:

Larry Rivers Papers, 1950-1959 (MS Am 2719)

William James Letters to George Van Ness Dearborn, 1896-1910 (MS Am 2721)
Processed by Melanie Wisner and Monique Duhaime:

Theatrical Music, Playbills, and Portraits Related to Mrs. Jordan, 1783-1825 (MS Thr 682)

Mr. Kemble and Mrs. Jordan in the characters of Richard & Matilda, in Richard Coeur de Lion, 1787. MS Thr 682 (10)

Processed by Susan Wyssen:

Ivor Novello Papers, 1911-1956 (MS Thr 695)

Lord Chamberlain’s Office. Letter to Ivor Novello, 1932. MS Thr 695 (29)

PRELIMINARY BOX LIST created by Melanie Wisner (Access to this collection requires curatorial permission):

Maryette Charlton Papers, ca. 1934-2009 (MS Thr 680)

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