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2013 Year in Review

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It’s been a great year for the Houghton Blog, which attracted more than 35,000 unique visitors during 2013. Let’s take a look back at our ten most popular posts on the year.

10. Reading Ira Aldridge. On the great 19th century African-American actor and expatriate.
9. What’s New: A Digital Harmony. Announcing the digitization of the remarkable Little Gidding Harmony.
8. A Very Historic Moment in Caribbean Studies. The digitization of a rare document on early Haitian history.
7. Adding a page to Lincoln’s oldest manuscript. Houghton contributes its leaf of a young Abraham Lincoln’s math homework to a collaborative digitization project.
6. THE REEL PLATH. Readings by Sylvia Plath in the recordings collection of the Woodberry Poetry Room.
5. Emily Dickinson’s Music Book. Part of a major digitization project for the Dickinson family library.
4. Tickets? Please! A variety of examples of the tickets held in the Harvard Theatre Collection.
3. Bound in human skin. Houghton’s example of the curious practice of “anthropodermic bibliopegy.”
2. A Revolutionary discovery in the stacks. Colonial Bostonians sign on to a boycott of British goods.
1. Myths debunked: Sadly, Theodore Roosevelt never rode a moose. Despite photographic evidence to the contrary.

Want more best-ofs? Take a look at the top 13 posts of 2013 on the Houghton Tumblr.

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