Monday, March 2nd, 2015...12:01 pm

New Exhibit: Occupied Cuba, 1898-1902

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The years between the end of the Cuban War of Independence in 1898, facilitated by United States involvement as part of the Spanish-American War, and the proclamation of the Cuban Republic in 1902, were a time of much change and transition in Cuba. After the last of the Spanish troops left Cuba in 1898, the United States took over the governance of Cuba. The new exhibit “Occupied Cuba: Photographs from the Theodore Roosevelt Collection”, curated by Houghton Library manuscript cataloger Susan Wyssen. brings together some documentary photographs of this time gathered from Harvard’s Theodore Roosevelt Collection.

The exhibit is on display through the end of 2015 in the Theodore Roosevelt Gallery, in the lower level of Lamont Library, Harvard Yard. Visitors may enter Lamont Library through the west door, near Wigglesworth Hall, or through the entrance to Pusey Library.

The exhibition is free and open to the public during the library’s regular hours. For more information, please contact the Theodore Roosevelt Collection curator.

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