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The 1960s in Pictures

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This post is part of an ongoing series featuring items from the newly acquired Julio Mario Santo Domingo Collection.

1960sThe 1960s is one of the most iconic decades in American history.  Instantly recognizable fashion, civil rights protests and legislation, Pop art, and the space race are all hallmarks of this decade that people aren’t quick to forget.  The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1960s, is a compilation of some of the most memorable moments in the 1960s in striking black and white photographs.  The book includes sections entitled movers and shakers, Conflict, Protest, Entertainment, The Arts, Pop, Fashion, Youth, The space age, Sport, Children, Guilt and grief, All human life.  These photographs capture the joy of the 1960s as well as the sorrow; pictures of the most recognizable faces in fashion, art, and music are included as well as pictures of natural disasters, murderers and protests.  Each section is preceded by a brief description of the themes of the pictures and notable moments are described.  One of the most unique aspects of this book is the text is presented in English, German and French.1960s

The Hulton Getty Picture Collection is one of the best collections of photography and photojournalism.  It includes photographs from the 19th and 20th century, often with a focus on socially significant topics and images.  This book on the 1960s is no exception, a truly international collection ranging from armed conflict in Asia and Africa to British and American movie stars, the Hulton Getty collection documents a wide variety of topics but focuses on iconic and dramatic images that tug at the emotions and mind.  The Hulton Getty is a collection comprised of the former Hulton Press Library, a British photo agency, Keystone View Company, formerly located in Pennsylvania, and other notable photographers.  The Hulton Getty Collection has since grown to include other collections and is now the Hulton Archive.

The book, The Hulton Getty Picture Collection 1960sis available in the Santo Doming Collection at Widener Library.  Readers interested in more Hulton Getty images can check out The Irish century and An independent eye: a century of photographs both also available at Widener.

Thanks to Emma Clement, Santo Domingo Library Assistant, for contributing this post.

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