Wednesday, April 27th, 2016...5:45 pm

A library for a stage, students to act

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Last night, within the girdle of Houghton’s walls, Harvard’s own Hyperion Shakespeare Company worked on our imaginary forces, staging five scenes from Shakespeare on four unworthy scaffolds throughout the library. Visitors jumped o’er time, from room to room, to behold the swelling scene! Thank you Hyperion!


Kira Telgen ’19 as Malcolm, Philip van Scheltinga ’19 as Ross, and Ezra Feldman ’02 as Macduff in Macbeth.


Robert Ledniczky ’16 as Richard III and Kier Zimmerman ’19 as Lady Anne.


David Garrick looks on as Richard III woos Lady Anne.


Ben Ubinas ’19 as Claudio and Patrick Witt HLS ’17 as the Duke in Measure for Measure.


Ezra Feldman delivering the prologue from Henry V.


Dale Stinchcomb, Curatorial Assistant for the Harvard Theatre Collection, contributed this post.

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