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Collections Now Available for Research: June 2018

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In surveying our collections for born-digital materials while also committing two staff to processing backlog collections and providing access at point of accession, we are excited to announce the following 22 collections are now more fully described and discoverable online.

Russell Ball Photographs, circa 1920-1930 (MS Thr 1792) – processed by Betts Coup

Lucia Berlin Papers, circa 1955-2004 (MS Am 3095) — processed by Magee Lawhorn

Elizabeth Bishop Poetry Reading and Commemorative Lectures with Related Material, 1976 (MS Am 3180) – processed by Melanie Wisner

José María Castañé Collection of War Photographs by Soviet Photojournalists, 1941-1946 (MS Russ 145) — processed by Irina Klyagin

Commission of Inquiry into the Charges Made Against Leon Trotsky in the Moscow Trials : photographs, 1937 (MS Russ 146) – processed by Magee Lawhorn

Anna Erskine Crouse Theatrical Portrait And Scene Photographs, 1933-1938, undated (MS Thr 1790) — processed by Betts Coup

Dance in Art : Reproductions of Works of Art in Various Media, circa 2002 (MS Thr 1804) – processed by Melanie Wisner

Harry C. Phibbs Goodman Theatre Production Photographs, circa 1925-1928 (MS Thr 1791) — processed by Betts Coup

Edward Hoagland Papers, circa 1936-2017 (MS Am 3176) — processed by Melanie Wisner

Collection of Promotional Material, Photographs, and Periodicals Relating to Sir Lady Java (MS Thr 1777) — processed by Melanie Wisner

Leo and Louise Kerz Papers and Designs, circa 1920-1996 (MS Thr 1796) — processed by Melanie Wisner

Dorothy Coit King-Coit School And Children’s Theatre Collection, circa 1922-1979 (MS Thr 1795) — processed by Betts Coup

Frederick R. Koch Photographs Of Modern And Ballet Dancers (MS Thr 1797) — processed by Betts Coup

Towards the Meaning of James Laughlin : Transcripts, 2001 (MS Am 3179) – processed by Melanie Wisner and Magee Lawhorn

Little, Brown and Company Medical Division Book Covers, 1963-1982 (MS Am 3171) – processed by Melanie Wisner

Milton Morris Pinkus Photographs and Papers Concerning World War I Ambulance Corps Service, circa 1914-1918 (MS Am 3182) – processed by Melanie Wisner and Magee Lawhorn

Skinner Family Papers (MS Thr 857) – processed by Betts Coup

Eleanor Steber Collection, circa 1920-1990 (MS Thr 1793) – processed by Betts Coup

Roger E. Stoddard Collection of Photographs of European Booksellers, 1997-1999 (MS Am 3169) — processed by Adrien Hilton

Theatrical organization photographs, circa 1860-1925 (TCS 41) – processed by Betts Coup

Theatrical Photographs By Photographer, circa 1915-1977, undated (TCS 42) – processed by Betts Coup

Wes Wallace Collection of Zines and Comics, circa 1990-2002 (MS Am 3178) – processed by Melanie Wisner

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