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Category Archives: security

Midnight Piggybacking


So I’m sitting here at my excellent local Memphis honda repair shop getting Little Tokyo’s oil changed. In addition to being locally run, honest, and professional, the shop has wifi, so I can sit and work (or blog!) while getting my car fixed. The wifi wasn’t working today, so I asked the owner if he […]

Nigerian Searches for Spam


More google insights fun. Here’s the list of the top google searches from Nigeria: Note that five of the top ten searches are for a tool called email extractor lite 1.4, which is a tool that pulls emails from a block of text. In other words, it is useful for harvesting email addresses for spam. […]

FlyClear Data Breach


FlyClear, the company that handles an express lane security clearance in some U.S. airports, recently lost control of a laptop that contained personal data used to verify the identity of subscribers. The company has repeatedly pointed out that no social security numbers or credit card numbers were included in the data as if that’s the […]

Passport Security


The state department released the results of an audit yesterday that found that large numbers of government workers (meaning both employees and contractors) have been regularly accessing the passport files of celebrities: The 192 million passport files maintained by the State Department contain individuals’ passport applications, which include data such as Social Security numbers, physical […]