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“Hello, babies. Welcome to Earth. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. On the outside, babies, you’ve got a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of, babies — God damn it, you’ve got to be kind.”

—Kurt Vonnegut

A resplendent journey through space…

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” — Oscar Wilde

I’ve been spending a lot of nights in my garden and on my friend George’s rooftop, pointing my camera and phalanx of telescopes at the night sky like a madman, and the result has been a bountiful fortnight of stargazing and astronomy.  Continue reading

Protected: Two lessons on Brexit

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“Kitchen” — Leland Foster (Digital, 2016)

My review of the Cambridge University library system.

I figured a list of this nature might be useful for incoming students from Harvard. One of the delights about Cambridge is the many different small libraries it has. Despite being a doctoral student of law, I ended up joining many libraries because of the breadth of my thesis. Here is a review of the ones I’m a member of in descending order of greatness: Continue reading

“Late Rain” — Mike Barr (Oil, 2016)

Protected: J.P. Licks is the finest ice-cream shop in Boston. Herein lies a review of every single flavour they sell.

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“Bottle Bush Trees” — Jian Chong Min (Watercolour, 2016)

Martha Graham’s advice to dancer and choreographer Agnes de Mille:

“Misty Mood” — Leonid Afremov (Oil, 2003)


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