August 10th, 2011 by abarry

Welcome to the event site for The Indian Legal Profession in the Age of Globalisation a conference to be held in New Delhi, India.

The conference is an extension of the interscholastic research project Globalisation, Lawyers and Emerging Economies (GLEE). Operating as a consortium of individuals and institutions, the project investigates the impact of globalization on the corporate legal sector in major emerging economies and the effect of changes in this sector on other parts of the legal order, including legal education and the provision of legal services to underrepresented populations. It is the first comprehensive attempt to analyze the transformation of corporate legal sectors in major emerging economies starting with India, China and Brazil. The focus of this conference will be on the influence and impact of India.

This is an invitation-only conference. Attendees will include leading practitioner lawyers, prominent academics and government officials. There will be two aspects to this event: a GLEE Researcher’s meeting on October 8th and a conference on October 10th.


If you are interested in attending this event. Please contact  abarry at law.harvard.edu.