Accessing Harvard’s digitized maps

Thousands of the Harvard Map Collection’s maps and atlases from around the world are available online in hi-res.

Digitized Maps

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Book handling per Frick Collection

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MS Typ 464. Houghton Library, Harvard University. Book of Hours (Roman use) : ca. 1470

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American Beech

Ever wondered what that big beautiful tree is, just off the NE corner of Loeb House?

Find out at Harvard Yard Trees.

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So much stitching!

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Photographing glass: Lighting techniques for transparent glass objects

Corning Museum of Glass

This is the first of a series of blog posts addressing photographic lighting techniques for transparent glasses.


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searchable glossary of bookbinding terms

Jan Lievens - Still Life with Books

The Language of Bindings Thesaurus (LoB) is a thesaurus of bookbinding terms for book structures dating from the ninth to the nineteenth century. This project has been partially funded by the AHRC. Contributions to the thesaurus have been made by a number of Contributors during 3 workshops.

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Pixel-shifting technology comes to prosumer cameras (one anyway)

Sony A7 III

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White Gloves or Not White Gloves (spolier: in most cases, No Gloves)

white gloves

The British Library has published advice on the use of white gloves. Essentially, we recommend that it is preferable to handle manuscripts with clean dry hands. Wearing cotton gloves to hold or turn the pages of a book or manuscript actually reduces manual dexterity, and increases the likelihood of causing damage. Gloves also have a tendency to transfer dirt to the object being consulted, and to dislodge pigments or inks from the surface of pages.

This short video demonstrates how not to handle a manuscript wearing white gloves (or, indeed, gloves of any colour).

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Harvard’s History of Photography Timeline

Harvard’s History of Photography Timeline offers a view into the history of photography through selected photographs in the University’s libraries, museums, and archives. Viewers will be able to explore some of the highlights of Harvard’s rich photographic holdings, which document an encyclopedic range of subjects and include the work of noted nineteenth- and twentieth-century photographers. While not intended as a comprehensive view of the history of the medium, the History of Photography Timeline will continue to expand through contributions from Harvard curators and collections managers.

Menu du 2 Mars

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